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Utopai, where our story unfolds, is an AI driven utopia, a land of milk and honey, a place where everyone lives in opulence and leisure, the best, indeed, of all possible worlds.&nbsp,Don Alonso, our hero, was enthralled by old stories of achievements, wealth and fame, and decides to pursue success, to make a name for himself. Accompanied by his trusted friend Sancho, whose wits and intelligence makes up for his lack of learning, they roam the world, meeting others who may be even madder than they are.A philosophical novel looking at the effects of Artificial Intelligence, this book covers the following concepts. 1. The effects of Artificial Intelligence in our society, both economic and social effects 2. How we are wholly unsuited for an Utopia – especially one brought about by Artificial Intelligence 3. The different aspects which negatively affects our quest for fulfillment 4. How our mind works in general, and how our mind achieves sapience 5. How the best representation of any self-contained information is the domino model used by our mind&nbsp, 6. How the external world also can be represented by the domino model 7. How varied concepts like religion (Numen/Brahman) and physics (QFT) can be explained when the world is seen as a domino model 8. How concrete answers can be obtained for vague concepts like free will, meaning of life, solipsism etc, when the world is seen as a domino model 9. How this model helps in the creation of a different society – a society which can provide everyone deep fulfillment._,
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