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Zack Starr is a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent embedded with US Homeland Security in Washington, DC. Zack’,s job is to find Canadian-based threats against America and stop them. He has foundnothing much worth pursuing, until now.&nbsp,Zack’,s investigation into the murders of two American Mohawk Indians who were couriering cash across the border leads to a discovery.&nbsp,The date of the attack is set. The scope of death and destruction will be unparalleled.The result will be catastrophic for Canada and America. A hired team of killers is heading to a place called The Mica – Canada’,s most vulnerable high-value target and best kept secret.&nbsp,As the clock ticks down to the date of the attack, Zack and his career-drivensupervisor, FBI Agent, Monica Stevens scramble to put the pieces of thepuzzle together that will stop the disaster._,
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