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Dogs are the natural villains in any book by or about mail carriers-and thats certainly true in Tales of Yore, The Mail Carriers Revenge, a collection of favorite anecdotes of real-life mail carriers. Here, dogs are humorously trashed, trounced, and vilified in a most satisfactory manner. However, not all dogs are bad. Tales of Yore also includes light-hearted stories of inept dogs, misunderstood dogs, some vicious critters that arent even dogs-and yes, even a few good dogs. Tales of Yore is about people too, as postal people are kind of like dogs. Youve got your good ones, your bad ones, smart and dumb ones-and then you got your butt-snifters who should be put on a leash! Laugh along with our heroes as they encounter snakes, vicious cats, and attack chickens, guys in dresses-and some customers with no clothes at all. Tales of Yore has all these stories, as well as stories of heroic carriers. It explores the difficulties of carrying mail in a changing world and contemplates the human side of the postal service-the fun and foibles of an unruly and obstinate bunch of characters who deliver big laughs with each letter._,
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