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From the beginnings of man, to the end of life, the Small Dragon has been a phenomenon that Blink&rsquo,s into existence from time to time. Dare to Blink as the seemingly insignificant phrase, &ldquo,Small Dragon&rdquo, ties these series of short stories together, following the thoughts of a multitude of authors from different genres and two travelers in time and space. From the cold night and innocent thoughts of a young girl, to the debts owed of a King and what he would sacrifice to protect his kingdom. An explosive pod race, can there be a winner? A future where the loser does not survive to tell their tale and must rely on their victors to write the truth. Be engrossed in the thoughts of a peaceful species whose emotions are poisoned by humanity. Will they seek revenge in the darkness of space? Can you blame them if they do? The puppet&rsquo,s strings will be pulled, however, will he dance if all he believes is real is tested in a bank robbery gone wrong? Enter the dark mind of a serial killer and decide for yourself if his thoughts are evil, or no longer his own. Thoughts turn to the caverns within the earth. Do you dare enter and face the demons below? Secret government facilities, experiments and out of body experiences, are they spirits, ghosts or experiments gone awry. Cyborgs, mutants, Werewolves, or are they, Wolf-humans? What is the difference? Where is the line drawn? Where do we stop? Are we beyond playing God? And upon it all, your reflection we seek if you dare to enter the mirror and these stories of the talented and meek&hellip,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,_,
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