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The thrilling sequel to the award-winning Sci-Fi Thriller, &ldquo,The Seventh Day&rdquo,.Shadows Rising is the electrifying sequel to Andy Malone&rsquo,s award winning, The Seventh Day. Set in both 1710 Scotland and the modern world, think Highlander meets the Davinci Code. From historic Scottish villages, to the streets of New York and the ancient catacombs of Vatican City. Shadows Rising is a race against time thriller, packed with rich historical references entwined into a tense story that will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat.The Story …Amidst the backdrop of a series of terrifying global disasters. Authorities frantically search for a mysterious Scotsman who claims to have travelled from the past on a mission to save humanity. Whilst investigating, CIA Agent Mark Reynolds along with two British scientists uncover an ancient symbol. A discovery which soon attracts some unwelcome attention and unexpectedly plunges the trio into the heart of a deadly international conspiracy.Unintentionally returned to 18th century Scotland. Tom Duncan, and his friend, the enigmatic, Dougie Allan begin their own perilous hunt for an ancient artefact. One that if found, could hold the key to humanity&rsquo,s survival. But as both investigations commence, Reynolds and his team encounter a sinister religious sect. One whose disturbing rise to power has left governments around the world in turmoil. Led by a shadowy leader, the faith promotes peace for all. But as the clock ticks and events in both timelines intersect, it soon becomes clear that this new faith could have terrifying consequences for all mankind._,
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