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Would you work with a killer to stop a catastrophe? With humanity’,s survival at stake as Red Voice fighters attempt to take control of the deadly android program, Davin has to decide whether he can hold off from shooting the man who killed his love long enough to prevent disaster.&nbsp, Now Davin’,s chasing after his own crew, unsure if they’,re hostages or willing captives. And the ones still on the Jumper aren’,t doing much better – dealing with their own demons at the thought of their families, friends facing annihilation. Any one of them could pull the trigger, vaporize the other ship to save the world and kill the Wild Nines members on it. Will they? In One Shot, Davin’,s crew confront their most dangerous enemies yet in an action-packed sci-fi adventure, concluding the story that began in Wild Nines. For those who enjoy fast-paced sci fi thrills like the X-wing novels, you’,ll love One Shot and the Mercenaries Trilogy!_,
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