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Light Speed is a mainstream science fiction story built around the first practical, faster than light spacecraft, USS Resolute and her first voyage into interstellar space. The story itself has four distinct themes or layers and is driven largely by the interrelationships of the characters. The first and most obvious is the adventure surrounding the voyage itself aboard the first ever, superluminal research vessel and the captain and crew who fly her. Second, is the relationship between that captain and the ship&rsquo,s first officer, a female, fully sentient, Generation V Artificial Intelligence named &ldquo,Alice&rdquo, and how their relationship deepens, leading them onto untrodden ground. Third, is the great complication created when the lead NASA scientist expands that relationship by creating a perfect human replicant of Alice, loading it with her mind and consciousness and placing it aboard the ship. Machiavellian? Perhaps, but he is neither an evil nor unscrupulous man, just one willing to go to lengths to curate the lives of those for whom he has feelings. His ploy works and the Captain and Alice are able to consummate their burgeoning love. This love affair remains a central theme for the remainder of the book. The fourth and by far most important story, is the accidental discovery of intelligent life in the form of spacefaring humanoids who present a reasonable account as to how they came to exist, despite incredible odds against it. However, they do and are the most peaceful and gentle people of the galaxy. The Captain and his replicant paramour are so enamored with the place and people that they decide to remain there, despoiled only by treachery and a botched assignation that takes the life of the captain&rsquo,s replicant love. Action abounds in this convoluted tale with unfriendly alien attacks, huge and savage beasts and royal palace intrigue to rival any on Earth. A happy ending offers a convenient segue to a sequel._,
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