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Knowing we are not alone in this universe, Amanda&rsquo,s love for her lost children drives her to search for passage into an alternate dimension known as Tuala. Riddled with guilt and no longer carefree, Amanda, along with her supportive parents travel to the mysterious town of Roswell, New Mexico. They hope to discover if the museum housing the crashed spaceship replica will hold any clues for them in their quest.Shemalla, a resident of Tuala, working undercover at the museum, overhears their conversation about her home world. She risks her own safety when she offers to assist Amanda in her return to rescue her children, left behind by a twist of fate. They use a little-known passage, found in a cave near Roswell, to begin the dangerous transfer to the other dimension.Tuala, itself, is safeguarded from aliens by erasing the memories of the Earthlings as they pass through the veil. The notes given to Amanda by herself and her family are the only direction she has for navigation in Tuala. Using her resourcefulness and intuition, she navigates through the strange new world until she locates Bryon and Alena.As soon as she is reunited with one of her daughters, who has been cared for by the loving couple, her memories come flooding back. Only then does she learn of her other daughter&rsquo,s abduction by the master deceptor, Petre MacVeen.Amanda accesses the elemental energy of the earth to create a link with her missing daughter, Jena. In a concerted effort to rescue the toddler from the villain, the three of them pursue every lead. One fateful afternoon, the connection is shattered, and their last hope for finding Jena is the mental bond which the missing twin shares with her sister, Juila, only she is too young to talk. They fear Jena will remain lost forever.Meanwhile, back on Earth, Amanda is still being held against her will in the psychiatric facility. As Dr. Medin begins to believe what is being uncovered during the hypnos
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