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&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp, Two extraordinary warriors take on the challenge of battling their country&rsquo,s enemies in today&rsquo,s complex world. Why do they believe they will succeed where others have failed? They possess a new top-secret weapon&mdash,the ability to travel back in time.&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp, Major J.J. Jackson, a highly decorated Marine whose focus in life is to seek &amp, destroy terrorists, is tasked by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to test the revolutionary technology that promises the U.S. a military and political edge over foreign and domestic threats. When JJ goes rogue and asks a higher power to save the woman he loves everyone&rsquo,s lives will be changed forever.&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp, General Dick Stewart, Chairman of JCS, oversees the program they are hiding from a contentious White House and the CIA. As a supporter of JJ&rsquo,s career since the death of the younger man&rsquo,s parents, Stewart must watch his own back as he tries to look after the Major and his eclectic group of patriots. &nbsp,&nbsp,For JJ&rsquo,s team of six men and women, time travel becomes their magic bullet. But when a new American President comes under siege, those who were FOUND IN TIME must lock and load. The team will need to ratchet up their aggression to defeat the most dangerous enemies the country has ever seen and this time it will be on American soil._,
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