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Dear sexy readers… Formula for Humor is created by me and is a how to book. In the beginning I talk about what humor is as an introduction and then, examples and exercises make a big part of the book. I consider things shall be explained in an easy way with examples. Everybody can be funny! You will know the technique for how to make a joke, on stage, when you give a speech, before going to bed, doing honky donky. We need humor anytime anywhere. How does it work? Anything in the world is about circumstances. We are used to see things in a certain way, combination. When we change the circumstances in a certain way by using the formula they become funny. We go from non-humorous to humorous by using the formula. Remembering the formula will help us put the smile on peoples face. We learn the base for humor and then our fantasy will decide how funny the story will be, and that will develop to better. The decisions become funny and how many funny decisions we will add to our story is up to us. People will imagine the story we tell them and the impact on their feelings shall make them laugh, even if they are not aware of the process in our head. They see the result and believe in it. When you read the book in the beginning, it feels slow but after a few exercises and examples it will be easier. In time you dont have to think too much it shall become routine and humor will be seen faster and you can add some sexiness to it if you want to. Now keep on staying sexy and good luck with your humor journey._,
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