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With the discoveries in the desert, bringing exhilaration to the team, time is short. Summer will be arriving and as such it will be time to move onto the second suspected location of the elusive Ones Before. Still, what they&rsquo,ve found here will change their world forever.While the desert discoveries are important, critical really, they truthfully tell little about these ancient people, leaving too many unanswered questions. Yet other problems arise leaving them with a dilemma as how to protect what they&rsquo,ve uncovered, what has been discovered here. Time alone is the great destroyer attacking what has been revealed.As they look to the future, and their discoveries from the past, and prepare to make this move, will what they&rsquo,ve found here be the only proof or will this be the beginning of greater finds and answers to those many questions? Time, the great leveler and equalizer, is the only one who can answer, and time, at the present, is silent._,
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