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Sinopsis de BLOODSTORM

Deliciously Dark FantasyThe planet of Margra is drawing closer to the brink as Shatterwing’,s debris field grows increasingly unstable. Salinda and Garan fight Gercomo in dragon form, with unexpected consequences and end up making matters worse. Laidan&rsquo,s life is saved but at great cost. Sartell has become dangerous with conspiracies and betrayal everywhere. Brill and Danton gamble with their lives to find the location of the stolen dragon wine while Mandin gambles with her life to save her daughter. Nils searches for the writings of his grandsire, Trell of Barr, which may contain the much needed information on how to avert moonfall. Gercomo&rsquo,s influence and power within the dragon herd peaks just as he is able to reach out to old human allies and the battle begins&hellip,_,
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