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The name of our prison is Shighlooch We have been placed here from several other correctional facilities At a young age we were separated from our Parole Officers and placed under almost immediate incarceration with multiple Jailers and were granted limited parole hours We were told wed spend twelve years for our crime and the other years were optional You might wonder why an inmate would by choice spend more time but it is not unbelievable We are brainwashed more in prison years nine to twelve The Jailers work their hardest to convince us that we want to stay that it will all be very useful to us that we will be accepted with open arms by society Some inmates are naive to this and fall into the snare at the mention of cash and purpose For this system to work with the rapid growth of new inmates we are put in a new cell each year Finally in these our last four years of punishment we have been placed in a tougher prison because we have grown smarter It is currently holding 1200 other fellow inmates Each day the prisons mission is to work us to our limit and torture us Our mission is to escape 1212 and I will record necessary information and details pertinent to our escape in this log It must be protected at all costs from the hands of our Jailers
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